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  n a v i g a t i o n

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  a b o u t m e

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  Gem, Gem-nee, Panda-san,   Chiddie, Kanin and Natsuki.
{ Location }
  Lancashire, England.
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{ Nationality }
  English, French, Saxon and   more.
{ Martial Status }
{ Hair }
  Dark red with some random   black bits in, it’s layered too and   shoulder length. It’s naturally   mousy brown though.
{ Eyes }
  Green with yellow and blue bits   in them.
{ Hobbies }
  Drawing, Reading, Writing,   Watching Films, Snow, Making   things, Reading Manga,   Watching Anime… Buying kawaii   stuff and sleep!
{ Likes }
  Drawing, Japan, Anime, Films,   Music, Games, Strawberries,   Kawaii~ness, Noodles, Fantasy,   Flowers, Snow & Rain, Cat's,   Wolves, Turtles, Art, Books,   Japanese History & Culture,   Punk, Emo, JRock & Pop,   Martial Arts, Pizza, Ice Cream   and   Fashion.
{ Dislikes }
  Fights, Pollution, Politics,   Racism, Bullies, Players, Sluts,   Liars, Posers, Stupid big headed   Chav’s! and People who   stereotype other people.
{ Personality }
  Kind, Understanding, Very   emotional, Shy, Loyal, Good   Listener, Curious, Laughs a lot.   Can be quite clutzy and have   her stupid moments.

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  Febuary 19th, 2005
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Friends Only [ Sat ] · Jul 16, 05 · [ 12:47 ]


Sorry! This Journal is Strictly Friends Only
You must Comment to be added, And also follow these rules when you do ;

1) Respect that this is my Personal journal, and understand that i can write what i want ^^

2) Don't add me if your homophobic

3) Don't be racist

4) And please try to type readable english :) i don't mind miss-spellings but, d'nT typE lyke dis, cause its so annoying

5) I am human, so i do have my moodswings, but not all the time. That's about it, okay? So if your alright with everything then add me and i should add you back! ^^ 

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